Virtual Church, Real Relationships

Coronavirus has been confirmed in New York City. While updates are being made daily by local and federal authorities, for the foreseeable future, we would like to modify how we worship with one another to ensure we are doing our part to keep everyone healthy. Thank you for your understanding while we work through the above changes. Feel free to reach out if there are any questions.

Reopening on Sunday Morning, October 4

The time has come to welcome you back to 92nd & Amsterdam for Sunday morning worship! We've been working on the Sunday experience for a few weeks to ensure that what happens in the sanctuary does not compromise what happens at home for those who decide to not join us.  You may download our full re-opening plan here to read all of the details, but these are the highlights:

  • Amsterdam Avenue doors to the sanctuary will open at 10:30 AM. (92nd will not open except for wheelchair access.)
  • Your temperature will be taken as you enter. If it is above 100-degrees, you will not be allowed in.
  • Masks will be worn for the entirety of the time we are in the sanctuary, except for those who speak from the pulpit, if they so choose.
  • You will be directed on where to sit by our ushers. (You may not get your favorite seat. Please respect our ushers as they do their job.)
  • There will be no "greeting time" during service. We will simply wave and air high-five.
  • There will be no offering collection during service. 
    • There is a blue deposit box at the back of the sanctuary for envelopes.
    • We encourage you to do online giving for its ease and convenience.
  • Our worship music time will be more meditative. We encourage you to listen and enjoy a time of peace with God.
  • Once service is over, our ushers will direct you out of the sanctuary, starting with the back of the sanctuary. Please follow their directions to exit the building quickly and efficiently so we can clean the sanctuary for the Spanish church.

While we have prepared, we know that we will have to adapt to real life situations. Please be gracious as we do.

Sunday Morning

Wednesday in the Word

For those who wish to remain at home after we've re-opened,  you can join us virtually by choosing one of the following options:

  1. You can watch our livestream on our Media page by going here.
  2. You can watch on the Livestream site by clicking here. You may find it more convenient to use the Livestream app, available for both iOS (Apple) and Android. Once you download the app, search for “Central Baptist Church of NYC.”
  3. You can watch on our Facebook page through Facebook Live. If you choose to do this, please help us reach more people by choosing to host a Watch Party! It's a great way to share CBC with your friends.
  4. You can watch us on YouTube

However you join us, we're honored to have you!
With changes to how we fellowship, we want to make sure that there are still opportunities for everyone to learn and grow in the knowledge of God.  Wednesday night at 7 PM is a lively discussion and you will have an opportunity to ask questions and laugh as the pastors enjoy their time in the word of God.

You can participate by joining us on our conference line ((712) 770-4711, Access code: 667-293) or watch on our Facebook page through Facebook Live. If you choose Facebook, please help us reach more people hosting a Watch Party!

How you can be involved!

Things you can do to help during this time
  • Pray: Please continue to pray for our church, its leadership, its members, regular attenders, visitors, and those we have yet to meet in our community, ss well as our city, state, and national government leaders. Now more than ever in these strange times, we need God’s guidance.
  • Connect with your deacon: if you have an issue, please reach out to your personal deacon. They are committed to helping you.
  • Assist your neighbor: as frustrating as this time is, it is also a great opportunity for CBC to show what it means to be neighborly. As you are able seek to help those who need assistance.