We welcome you on our Road to the Resurrection! For the next four weeks, we will journey through Scripture to learn, grow and appreciate the sacrifice that Christ gave on the cross and the victory of the resurrection. This will be a time for growth and challenge as we walk with Jesus and his disciples, encountering friends and adversaries; pain and, ultimately, victory. We have two opportunities to fulfill this journey, and we look forward to you using both!

Morning Devotional Conference Call
On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 7 AM (March 2 - April 1), join the leaders of CBC as we reflect on Scriptures that look at the Resurrection story from both inside and outside the Gospels. After the devotional, we will listen to an d pray for your needs, concerns and testimonies as a gospel community. Our time together should be done by 7:30 AM.

To join our conference line, call 1 (712) 770-4711 and use access code 667-293 when prompted.

Video Devotionals
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12 PM (March 1 - April 2), a new video five-minute devotional will appear on this page. Use this as a guide for your prayer time, and then share it with a friend!